Online File Sharing Company Launching 3D Printing store

WonderLuk, an online file sharing platform, in addition to existing famous online design software, has just announced that it is diversifying into a whole new niche – the world of 3D printing. The company will be launching a pop-up store to sell 3D printed jewellery.
These days, you can download templates for almost anything. There are file sharing platforms such as Shapeways and Thingiverse, online store builders, etc. These websites offer a range of templates, but the quality of those can vary depending on who uploaded them. WonderLuk aims to take some of the guesswork out of buying printed items and patterns by acting as a curator. This will ensure that buyers know that they are getting products designed by experienced artists, so anyone with a 3D printer – novice or expert – can buy and print with confidence.
WonderLuk offers 3D printed fashion, jewellery, and even larger products (industrial, architectural and motoring related designs) all in a convenient, carefully curated platform. It aims to be an umbrella brand that will give up and coming designers a place to show off their skills.
The software platform will allow anyone to upload anything that they are proud of – there are no style or type requirements. All that they demand is that the designs are printable, entirely original, and wearable, like for example 3D printable women bra or other underwear.

Online Printing Tools and Famous Artists

So far, the company has worked with several famous artists, including Oliver Smith – the designer of the 3D printed bow tie, and Francis Bitoni, the creator of the world’s first 3D printed dress. They are receiving around 100 applications each month from would-be designers, and are able to accept only five or six of them each time. This means that the database of products is very high quality.

3D Printing store

3D Printing store

The designers submit their visions, and then the in-house team will check that the pieces fit well, are durable, and that they are practical to wear. If the in-house team are impressed with the product, then they will accept it and handle the marketing and the website side of the work. This means that the designers can focus on what they do best – creating awesome looking wearables.
The 3D printing process is ideal for boutique sellers who want to offer specially designed items. It is cheaper, for small runs, than traditional manufacturing. This means that WonderLuk can offer a range of high quality items that would otherwise never see the light of day because interest in them would ordinarily be too low.