There are many Fab Blogging Platforms that people make use of today

There are many Fab Blogging Platforms that people make use of today so that they can blog about their passions or their web development companies.

So what are these platforms?

These are Tumblr, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress and Blogger. Here are their features:
Tumblr is quite new and it has yet to climb to fame. By using this platform, users can post texts, pictures, videos and loads of other stuff on their blogs. Also by using this platform, users can share things with other people on the internet, with just a click of their mouse.
LiveJournal is a very classic platform that can be used for blogging. Though this platform is meant for personal use, bloggers do tend to make use of it in professional ways and gain popularity online. This platform has loads of great features such as mood icons, a variety of templates, capability of writing blog posts of unlimited length and much more.
TypePad is a platform that is of a very professional kind, one that is used by bloggers who are very serious about their blogs. For those people who want to have a personal blog, a free version is available. But for those people wanting bigger and professional blogs, they have to pay for this. With the paid version one can get things like: SEO support, widgets, hosting, control over the appearance of the blog, etc.
WordPress came onto the blogging scene quite recently, but it would seem like it has been around since ages – all due to the fact that it is tremendously popular. One can start a free blog or a paid one, by using WordPress. There are various free themes and plug-ins that are available for use with WordPress, making it all the more attractive.
Blogger is owned by Google and this is by far the easiest platform that can be used to blog. One can create a free blog or a paid one by using this platform.
These are the Fab Blogging Platforms that are being used all over the globe today.