Practical Applications of Custom 3D Printing

Until relatively recently, online product designer tools are always just been a “bit of fun” but that is no longer the case. Today, as well as cute, quirky and funny custom products, there are ones with truly useful practical online design applications. One great example is the new Chef’s knife created by NextGen.
Standard knives are designed for people to wrap their hands around the grips. That’s fine for the way the average person cuts things, but it doesn’t reflect what chefs do when they are chopping large amounts of food. Chefs usually pinch the bottom of the blade section with their thumb and index finger. If you do that on a knife with a jutting out handle, it will give you callouses and blisters.

Custom online 3D Printing is a Leap Forward in Ergonomic Design

Custom online 3D Printing

Custom online 3D Printing. credit disrupt3d-com

But nor Custom online 3D Printing only. Also 3D printing for such unexpected things like knifes.
NextGen spent a year watching how chefs work, and then used 3D Printing technology to create an ergonomically designed, robust, easy to sharpen knife that works for them. The knife won’t fit in a standard knife holder, because of the shape, so they also created a custom bag made out of a toughened material to keep the knife in. You can learn more about the design of the knife here:

NextGen Knives offers two versions of their product – a plain version which is a simple ergonomic knife, and a customizable version which is even more advanced. With the customized version of the product, the manufacturers will tailor make the grip of the knife to suit your hand.
The most impressive think about this custom grip is the way that it is measured and made. There are no molds to mess with, and there’s no need to try to measure your own hand. All you have to do is send a scan of your hand with a US Quarter next to it. The designer’s software will work out the size of your hand and then create the custom mold based on that one simple image.
It’s great to see custom Magento product designer doing something really interesting with 3D printing. Toys and jewelry are an obvious and fun starting point, but these practical applications are where the true ‘killer app’ for custom products will really lie.

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